Snoqualmie Falls

Paldom demo is for demonstrating some of the WordPress options that PALDOM offers for designing websites, and also for testing various features and plugins. We will constantly be adding information and new demos of features and options. This demo site and the ones listed below were designed using the Weaver Extreme Theme on WordPress.



Our WordPress Sites:

Snoqualmie Falls Ladies Golf Club
The Black Dog Arts Cafe

Gianfranco Ristorante

Euro Lounge Creperia and Cafe
Twin Peaks Nutrition and Wellness
Sanasha Reiki Holistic Healing
Appell Publishing
SummerSalt Aero Consultants


  1. Unsurpassed personal customer service with flexible hours.
  2. Integration with your other systems and marketing needs including email marketing.
  3. Affordable.
  4. Promotion–we help promote your business in person and where applicable on social media.
  5. Open-minded, we listen.
  6. Fast response for both site development and site changes.
  7. Regular back-ups of your site.
  8. Ongoing research and testing of new features.

Why WordPress

  1. Your site will automatically display well on mobile devices.
  2. Easy integration with social media sites. See the Facebook feed on this page and the share buttons at the bottom of the page.
  3. Higher rankings with search engines. This is well documented.
  4. Numerous plugin and widget options such as galleries, calendars, ecommerce, restaurant reservation forms, email subscription forms, email contact forms and Google maps.
  5. Integration with and sharing of your blog. See the sidebar on this page for a blog integration demo.
  6. Easier content management by both developers and owners.
  7. Ease of using drop down menus and moving pages around on your site as well as adding a site map.
  8. Ease of adding Google Analytics to your site to monitor activity.

Demo Options

Please look at the options in our menu for the following features, which are just a few of the available options and features:

  • Galleries
  • Calendars
  • Portfolio
  • eCommerce (coming soon)
  • Blog
  • MailChimp email sign-up form (under contact us)
  • Email contact form (on the contact us page)
  • Payments–accept payments online through PayPal (under the Contact Us page)

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In addition to website design and maintenance, PALDOM develops custom software for small businesses and designs and sends email marketing campaigns.

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